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  1. Tallest Of Trees
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(Patrick Kelly, Tony Menzer, Troy Therrien) Tony Menzer - bass / Troy Therrien - electric guitar / Barrett Tasky - mandolin / Patrick Kelly - acoustic guitar, vocals **Ty Helbach photo


Whirlwinds out throwing seeds
Blooms grow up from debris

Randomly side by side
Seasons will fall and rise

We ask for no more than this
Soil so rich, to grow

Roots growing shoots
And limbs bearing leaves with fruit

It’s just you and me
The tallest of trees

And time will strip our leaves
No rhyme or reason here to grieve

Baby it’s a simple fact
That all we lose can grow back, soon

If we want it to

Yes we’re stuck here I guess
What looks like a mess, are roots

If they dig then they’ll find
That we’re both entwined, from youth

It’s just you and me, tallest of trees

An empty nest that used to sing
The eggs that hatched will miss the spring

Underneath the overcast
The dawn is slow, the dusk is fast

The lightning will flash
And then comes the crash

But if they dig there they’ll find
That I’m still entwined, with you

It’s just you and me, the tallest of trees
It’s just you and me, the tallest of trees