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  1. Door To Nowhere
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(Stephen Cooper, Victoria Vox, Greg Roteik) Stephen Cooper - vocals, tenor sax / Victoria Vox - ukulele / Greg Roteik - guitar, bass / Marcus Trana - drums / Vee Sonnets - keys / CHOIR: Victoria Vox, Vee Sonnets, Stephen Cooper, Nick Hoover, Kim Manning, Jimm McIver, Carley Baer, James Larsen, Sugar Ransom, Troy Therrien, Tarl Knight, Robin Bienemann, Jim Schwall, Greg Roteik **Dawn Patel’s painted door


Standin’ ‘round the wrong part of town
Can’t see nothing with my head hagin’ down
Too many choices darlin’ when you’re not around
Lord don’t let me take that door to nowhere

My heart is heavy, my will is weak
Hot and dizzy, can hardly speak
Down in that alley, I’m beggin’ you please
Don’t let me take
Lord don’t let me take that door to nowhere

Save me from my own temptation
Lift me up in transformation
Do not drink from the Devil’s Cup
Spread your wings and lift me up

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