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(Andrea Wittgens, Amanda Jo, Carley Baer) Andrea Wittgens - keys, vocals / Amanda Jo - Omnichord, vocals / Carley Baer - ukulele, vocals / Marcus Trana - drums, percussion / Steve Smith - bass ** Kirsten Logerquist painting


There you are, my long-awaited love
You’re the one I have been dreaming of
Finally found what I was looking for
You and me, we’re not alone anymore

Don’t know how, but I found you now

Don’t mess with destiny
Darling we were meant to be
We could have the galaxy
Surrender to the fantasy

Love’s a song, and we both know the tune
See the world from far beyond the moon
Let them talk, we won’t hear what they say
We will be a million light years away

The time is right, be mine tonight


Don’t know what you’re running from
A love like this comes one in a millennium
An unexpected story, a love so extraordinary
Exhilarating and a little bit scary
Like Romeo and Juliet we’re two of a kind
When we touch it’s supernova gonna blow ya mind
I see it in your eyes I know you feel it too
Star-crossed lovers got nothing on me and you