From the recording Dark Songs - Vol. II

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For Bitten Love (Geri X, Noah Engh)

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It’s so hard bein’ a werewolf
When you’re goin’ through puberty
All the girls they look so pretty
But they don’t like me
‘Cause I’m so hairy

I go to school every day
And sit by my lonesome
No one talks to me
They don’t think I’m handsome
But I found a girl that likes me for me
I’m gonna bring her home to meet my family

Son, how could be hangin’ around with that human trash?
You’re disrespecting your father.
Why can’t you find a nice werewolf girl to hang around with?

Please, Dad, listen, I found my white dove
Caroline is the one I love
She likes it when I howl at the moon
I’ve been marked and I can’t be saved

You’re just gonna break that nice girl’s heart.
I’ve raised you better than that.
I’m always trying to help you meet nice werewolf girls and you never listen.
Your father’s right, you’re embarrassing the family.

Jimmy, Jimmy, you’re the one for me
I’m gonna make your parents see
I’m not scared of your kind
‘Cause I can’t get you out of my mind
No, I can’t get you out of my mind
No, I can’t get you out of my mind

Don’t worry we can be together
No one can tear us apart
I really love you, Caroline
Hold me, Jimmy, hold me
Once a werewolf, always a werewolf