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  1. Catfight!

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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Catfight! (Andrea Wittgens, Anna Jo) Performed by: Andrea Wittgens - vocals / Anna Jo - vocals / Teve Mith - bass / Marcus Trana - drums / Delaney Davidson - percussion / Elliot Goettelman - douchebag / Patrick Kelly - teenager boy / Tony Menzer - crowd / Barrett Tasky - crowd and sound effects


I went out steppin’ at the local jamboree
Met a boy, and he seemed sweet enough to me
We got to talkin’ but there wasn’t much to say
Spent the mornin’ searching for my undies in the hay

One week later, got a call out of the blue
A voice says you don’t know me, but I sure know you
You must be pretty I bet you like to dance
Cuz I found your number – in my boyfriend’s pants


Woman to woman, I just gotta say
This is myyyy man, I suggest you stay away
Now why are you calling I said putting this on me
If you can’t control your man then get a tighter leash

Ooooh catfight
(gonna be a) catfight
Yeah a catfight

Your boy likes to wander – you ever wonder why?
It takes a real woman to keep them satisfied
She was all “ooooh you didn’t just say that”
I’m comin’ to git you – I know where you’re at

Next thing I know, she’s betin’ down my door
Screeching like a wildcat calling me a whore
Shooting fire from her eyes frothing at the mouth
The bitch was out for blood I had no doubt

Ooooh catfight
(gonna be a) catfight
Yeah a catfight

I’ve never been a fighter but I had to stand my ground
No time for heart-to-hearts I had to take her down
I swung with my left, she lunged to the right
I grabbed a tuft of hair and I held on tight

We tumbled down the stairs started rolling down the lawn
Making a big ol scene, while the neighbours cheered us on
People placing bets, 10-to-one on me
Teenage boys saying this is better than TV!

Ooooh catfight
(gonna be a) catfight
Yeah a catfight

The worst thing was not the scratches or blackeye
It was seeing the smile on our mutual guy
He was basking in the glory of the mess he had made
Two chicks scrapping for the right to call him ‘babe’

As for me, I’m doing time for murder in the second
Twenty years in lockup, what a way to learn a lesson
The papers read Crime of Passion, but fuckin’ eh
I never even liked him, I just wanted to get laid

But everybody loves a

Ooooh catfight
(gotta love a) catfight
Yeah a catfight

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