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  1. Bad Choices

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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Bad Choices (Carley Baer, James Hall, Jim Schwall) Performed by: Carley Baer - vocals, accordion / James Hall - vocals, acoustic guitar / Jim Schwall - bass guitar, background vocals / Marcus Trana - drums / Barrett Tasky - piano, organ, electric guitar


Start my day with a rum and coke
A sticky bun and a spliff to smoke
Got my job as a checkout clerk
Wrecked my car on the way to work

Asked my boss if he’d take me back
If I cleared out his storage shack
His wife reached out and I did not run
Now she’s pregnant with my son

Bad choices
Bad choices
I know I got no defense
But it’s all making sense to me now

I was talking to my best friend
How we should be rich for all we spend
Low-grade coke and ecstasy
The money could come so easily

We had a friend down in Ecuador
We booked a flight to make the score
Now there’s a shotgun barrel pointin’ at me
And I’m tied to a chair in Tennessee


I’m just trying to live my life
But my mama says I ain’t thinkin’ right
Gonna show the world how good I been
When I make my way on top again………

I went down to the bottle shop
Pushed my way past the rent-a-cop
5-to-10 is too long to serve
For $20 in the register

I turned to run but he gave me chase
He hit me with a billy club across my face
Now I’m sitting here in the city jail
I guess some plans are bound to fail

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