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  1. Ghost Brake Man

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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Ghost Brake Man (Holly Olm, Tomcat Joe, Troy Therrien) Performed by: Holly Olm - guitar, vocals / Troy Therrien - guitar, vocals / Tomcat Joe - vocals, percussive guitar / Tony Menzer - bass / Johnny Orlock - harp / Dan Smrz - drums


Early in the evening, I put on my work clothes
Grabbed my lantern and off to work I’d go
Hopped on a railcar – swing my lantern left and right
To let the engineer know – everything’s alright

Little did I know that day – things wouldn’t work the way I planned
That’s how the legends say I became the
Ghost Brake Man Ghost Brake Man

Riding the freight train north on track 49
I flipped the switch to make the train change lines
But I didn’t notice that the switch should’ve moved some more
The train derailed and dumped out all the ore

I worked with the cleanup crew – did my best to lend a hand
Still didn’t have a clue – soon I’d be the ghost brake man

On came a passenger train – rolling down the track
I took off running to try and hold the engine back
Knelt down on the side of the rail – tried to flash that warning red
My lantern light went out – and that’s how I wound up dead

Now I’m forever working – the rails are my eternal home
This damn lantern’s my reminder of why I walk alone
If I could live that day all over again
I’d make sure it wouldn’t end this way
I wouldn’t be the condemned – ghost brake man

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