From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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The Unkindness of Ravens (Danielle French, Carley Baer) Performed by: Carley Baer - accordion, vocals / Danielle French - vocals, finger piano / Marcus Trana - drums, percussion, vocals / Tarl Knight - percussion, vocals / Julia McConahay - violin / Barrett Tasky - upright bass


They speak of the unkindness of ravens
Their eyes as black as the night
They steal the souls of the young and the old
As they travel far and wide

Did you hear about Old Man Halliday
He was out for his evening walk
When he spotted the ravens dotting the fence line
He thought nothing of it at the time
But he never came home that night
He was found in a gutter drowned in a half inch of water
Nobody knows how or why

The unkindness of ravens
An omen they say
If you see them coming
Get out of the way
They cross your path
And it’s death I’m afraid
The unkindness of ravens
Is coming today

Old Bessie Higgins was hanging laundry
It was a dry summer, no rain for weeks
When suddenly a black cloud blotted out the sun
They say that Bessie never touched a drop of liquor in her life
But that day she was poisoned to death by it
The coroner’s examination revealed cirrhosis of the liver
And a single black feather in her mouth


Pretty Miss Nightingale was out sweeping the stoop
When she heard a cacophony of cackling
Knowing the omen she wielded her broom
And sent them away scattering
But the ravens are not so easily deterred
They came back for her that night
They haunted her dreams
And rumor has it that now she’s lost her mind

Hear these sad tales
We tell you no lies
So many poor souls
Have met their demise
So do as we say
And watch what you do
Or the unkindness of ravens
Will be coming for you

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