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  1. Girl in the Piano

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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Girl in the Piano (Tarl Knight, Danielle French, Holly Olm) Performed by: Tarl Knight - toy piano, vocals / Danielle French - vocals


I’m so glad you found me
What’s that sound I hear?
It’s me in this piano
I’ve been here many years

My father the inventor transferred me
To save my soul from my body
Now I’m trapped in this machine
Making music for eternity

Something so peculiar
Scary but it’s true
Is there somehow I can free you?
Is there something I can do?

If you play this melody
You can help to set me free
I’ll teach it to you note-for-note
I’ll play it for you, listen very close


Play it now, try your best
Help me put my soul to rest
I will try to play it right
And set your soul free this very night


Try again, you played it wrong
I’ve been inside this box too long


I feel that something’s shifting
Something’s happening to me
I cannot feel my body
Finally, I am free…

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