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  1. House of Wax

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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House of Wax (Delaney Davidson, Liv Mueller) Performed by: Delaney Davidson - loop, rhythm guitar, drums / Liv Mueller - guitar


I took my baby to the house of wax
Down by the river just across the tracks
Gasoline and she took the axe
Fire tonight in the house of wax

See the tree above Dracula’s tomb
Smell the werewolf underneath the moon
In the lab of the Frankenstein
Piece by piece I’m gonna make you mine

I hear the whisper of the mummy’s curse
Like a virgin I will have you first
Two lips pressed around the bottle top
You know that I don’t wanna waste a drop

Horrified, horrified
I’m not scared I’m horrified
Horrified, horrified
I’m not scared I’m horrified

I tried to leave but I couldn’t go
My baby said you are part of the show
I tried to scream but only wax came out
Wax within and wax without

It’s been five years and I’m on display
The kids love it, open every day
The thing to do on a Saturday
I fuck my girlfriend and the people pay

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