From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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Patron Saint of the Working Poor (Sugar Ransom, Troy Therrien, Patrick Kelly) Performed by: Sugar Ransom - vocals, guitar / Troy Therrien - guitar / Patrick Kelly - bass


We’ve all been running on borrowed time
But you’ve been running on fumes
Now what fueled you has destroyed you
Now what grew has become tombs

Four part time jobs and a full time durge
Life had you always spent
Now your rust is in the shower
Now your waste is in your rent

Oh, oh Maria
Patron saint of the working poor
Oh, oh Maria
Keep us safe from needing more

Got a gas can in the back of the car
A tank only goes so far
At the stoplight striking matches
Hoping something finally sparks

A single match can take it down
All that you can insure
The rats step over and around
All that will not endure


Keeping house but not a home
Your whereabouts unknown
Now your children live with strangers
But they’ll never be alone

Retrospective martyrdom
Suicide trying to survive
It was a death by dedication
To the unforgiving grind


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