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  1. Scary Music

From the album Dark Songs Vol. VI

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(Mike Bleck, Vincent Gates, James Hall) Performed by: James Hall - vocals, guitar / Vincent Gates - harmony vocals, acoustic guitar / Mike Bleck - low octave / Patrick Kelly - bass / Delaney Davidson - drums


No use in you always feeling down
And your face be dragged across the ground
When you get used to it
It’s like a tourniquet
The only hope of freedom is that sound

C’mon play the music
Let’s just fall into it
Make me your believer tonight

Caught up in the spirit
As long as I can hear it
I know that I’ll be feeling all right

You and me we’ll make scary music
In ecstasy when we’ll make scary music

When you were young used to be so lost
Played around while others paid the cost
They blew your candle out
Now you’re filled with doubt
Staring at this bridge that you must cros


You and me we make scary music
In ecstasy when we make scary music



Alright alright

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