Rick Wood - vocals, guitar, bass / Joel Jimenez - drums. Produced by Rick Wood. (Los Angeles, CA)

Co-written with Mark Hudson. "Mark wrote 'Livin On The Edge' for Aerosmith and he was writing new tunes for them and had this track and a title, and wanted me to come up with the lyrics. It was basically a writing assignment. His instructions were: 'trace the history of man from the perspective of love gone wrong. And make it humorous.' It was a great challenge, but the payoff was that Aerosmith did actually record it, and it was slated for release on an album that got canned after they fired their producer. I did get to hear their demo, but wasn't allowed to have a copy. I later ended up recording it myself."

First released version appears on the album, Pat MacDonald Sleeps With His Guitar (1997)