From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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Written by Holly Olm


Your love is driving me crazy
Your love is causing me to lose my mind
I’m not the person I used to be
Since you pushed me to insanity
I left lucidity behind

Well, when I took a shower
I left on all my clothes
I went to comb my hair
Hit my head and broke my nose
While going for a walk
I would up breaking all my toes

I wish that you could really see
How insane you’re making me


I was driving my car
On the wrong side of the road
Fell asleep in the bedroom
But it wasn’t my abode
Was singing you a love song
And I sounded like a toad

Like a werewolf at full moon
You’ve got me acting like a loon

I called you on the telephone
And dialed my mom instead
Was writing with a pencil
That didn’t have any lead
Made myself a sandwich
But forgot to add the bread

I am stumbling like a klutz
The doctor says I’m clinically nuts