From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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16. Singing to Myself (Craig McClelland, Anna Jo, Caleb Navarro) Performed by: Craig McClelland - ukulele, vocals / Anna Jo - banjo, vocals / Caleb Navarro - guitar, vocals / Dan Smrz - washboard / Steve Smith - bass / Chris Aaron - slide


I’m so lost I don’t know where to go
Stuck in a rut I’m so emotional
Since you left me been so all alone
All night long just sitting by the phone, by the phone

Why did you go and leave me
And treat me so unkind
Why couldn’t you believe me
About to lose my mind

Now I wander lonely through this town
Wind so cold the leaves are turning brown
Since you put my love up on the shelf
I just sit here singing to myself, to myself, to myself

I should have seen this coming
I do this every time
Why couldn’t I be stronger
Now that you’re not mine

Since you left me I’ve lost all my faith
I’ve turned into one hopeless case
Friends try to help, I push them all away
Maybe I just need a holiday, holiday, holiday

Maybe I’ll pack my suitcase
And jump aboard that train
No matter where it ends up
I’ll still be calling your name

Maybe you will come back to me
If you do I’ll make you so happy
There’s no need for you to be alone
I’ll still be here waiting by the phone, by the phone, by the phone, by the phone, by the phone