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  1. The First Time

From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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Written by Caleb Navarro, Carley Baer, Barrett Tasky


First time I saw you
I could tell
You were somebody I wanted to know
Something about you, well it worked just right
I said I want to spend forever looking in those eyes
The first time I saw you, I told you so

Might be the first time, but it won’t be the last
Don’t be shy babe give it a chance
Step into the future, forget the past
Might be the first time, but it won’t be the last

Had no idea
We were just coasting along
Suddenly sidelined we began to fall
Now I have to catch my breath when you walk through the door
Every single day I keep a-lovin’ you more
Now that we’ve got forever, let’s go and have us a ball


Once we counted pennies, hoping for a dollar bill
These days we make something out of nothing
And babe I’ve got a feeling that we always will

Yeah I am such a sucker for the way you smile
Come sit down beside me and stay a while
I’ve got that first time feeling and I hope it never goes away