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  1. Dissolve

From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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Written By Charlie Cheney, Greg Roteik, Carley Baer


I wore out the sweater that you gave me the winter after you left.
I worked in it, I slept in it, I walked in it. Until it dissolved into tattering thread.

I guess I never got over the way I felt with it on. I could feel your arms on me, wrapped around the wool, pressing against my skin.

(Goodbye lovely one, maybe someday we can fly.)

Some nights I’d wake up in the dark and smell you in the colors and in the center of it, holding me like you did in December before you left.

And I’d wait in the darkness, holding my breath, hoping you’d appear. A hover apparition, a tortured vision of the love I’d lost.

(Goodbye lovely one, maybe someday we can fly.)

How many nights did I sit and watch the ice melt in my glass, slowly disappearing and dissolving until I drank it down. Absorbing the alcohol into my skin, wondering where you were and what you were doing.

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