1. Cora's Song

From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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12. Cora’s Song (Jim Schwall) Performed by: Jim Schwall - acoustic guitar, vocals / pat mAcdonald - harmonica


You know the first time I saw you
I fell in love with you
I know you don’t believe me honey, but I swear it’s true

Well, you just took my breath away
I stopped right where I stood
That picture’s etched in my mind, and it’s there for good

You always say maybe, you never say yes
But then you never say no
You want me to keep coming back here I guess
And you know I can’t let go

Here everybody calls you Kitten
But that’s just part of the game
Well you’re an Iowa sweetheart, and Cora is your name

Your job is making a fantasy
And I love it so much
My job is sitting here watching, and trying never to touch

I’ll call you Kitten out in the room
I’ll call you Cora when we’re alone
Well all I can do is rent you, honey, and I can’t never own

There ain’t no one else like you, they can’t come close
When you work that big brass pole
Well then you took me in back, and danced on my lap
And you captured my soul

I’ll always remember to tip you
And call you by your stage name
But that don’t mean I don’t love you, honey
But that don’t mean I don’t love you
But that don’t mean I don’t love you, honey, and Cora my heart’s aflame