From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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Written By Jim Schwall, Jeanne Kuhns, David Woods


I can’t seem to do a damn thing right, as you point out every day
I try and try to treat you right, but you got nothin’ good to say
I come home with my little paycheck, find my stuff out on the lawn
You’re gonna like me a whole lot better when I’m gone

You don’t like the clothes I wear, you don’t like the way I do my hair
Somehow everything I do is wrong
Baby I got things to do, I can’t sit around and wait on you
You’re gonna like me a whole lot better when I’m gone

I miss the way you used to hold me
The flirting used to drive me wild
The dreams we shared completely sold me
We both found our inner child

Now we’re just a ship that’s sinking, neither knows what the other’s thinking
Now we’ve even lost our favorite song
We don’t dance, we don’t go out, all we do is scream and shout
We’ll like us a whole lot better when we’re gone

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