From the recording Love On Holiday Vol.3

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09. Darling Where Are You? (Danielle French, Carley Baer) Performed by: Danielle French - acoustic guitar, vocals / Carley Baer - ukulele, vocals / Craig McClelland - tuba / Greg Roteik - stand up bass / Dan Smrz - drums


One night in old New Orleans
Down on Bourbon Street
I went to a fortune teller
Here’s what she told me

She said, “Your love is out there,
Seek and you will find.”
So I went searching
For what is surely mine

Tallahassee, Chattanooga
I’ve searched the whole world through
Kansas City, Kalamazoo
Darling where are you?

New Year’s Eve in Paris
Was sure I’d find you there
From the top of the Eiffel Tower
I couldn’t see you anywhere

I combed the city
Guess that you had gone
Knew that you were waiting
So I carried on

Casablanca, Barcelona
I’ve searched the whole world through
Copenhagen, Budapest
Darling where are you?

One hot night in Cairo
Touring Pharaoh’s tomb
I got so excited
Knew I’d see you soon

I walked the desert
I waited up ‘til dawn
Still I could not find you
So I carried on

Santiago, Buenos Aires
I’ve searched the whole world through
Caledonia, Katmandu
Darling where are you?

Oh fortune teller
Did you lie to me?
I’ve been the whole world over
Where could he be?