From the recording Dark Songs Vol. V

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(Vee Sonnets, Charles Boheme, Elliot Goettelman, Mojo Perry) Performed by: Vee Sonnets - keys / Charles Boheme - vocals / Elliot Goettelman - acoustic guitar, vocals / Mojo Perry - electric guitar / Steve Smith - bass / Dan Smrz - drums


The fear she comes a’buildin’
As grim news settles in
A shiver shakes the men
The women quake within
The wife say…she gonna be…sleeping tonight
Sleeping…sleeping with a butcher knife
‘Cause she heard about the murder…
In this tranquil
Tranquil little tourist town

Rumors of a lover’s quarrel
Led to murder in the first degree
When I felt his body go limp in my hands
I started thinking about my plea
I outsmarted the Mayberry cops up here
It came to me naturally
When they find the bloody chunks I left behind
They’re gonna wanna take a chunk out of me
And when they hear about the chainsaw…
Blood splattered…
In this tranquil little tourist town

In the bars they’re all a twitchy
Eyes jerkin’ left, heads jerkin’ right
After all can you really trust your next door neighbor?
Who’s that shadow in the night?
George told me…he’s gonna be…
Sleepin’ tonight
Sleepin’ with his shotgun tight
‘Cause they found a bloody chainsaw
In this nervous little tourist town

The things I did were gruesome
But it was out of love
I hacked him into 96 pieces
But forgot to wear my gloves
After three days of running endlessly
They finally caught up to me
They didn’t know about my special sickness
Until they found the body
Well they’ll never be the same…
In this insane…
Tranquil little tourist town
Sheltered little tourist town
Nervous little tourist town
Tranquil little tourist town