1. Grandma!!

From the recording Dark Songs Vol. V

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(Jimm McIver, Liv Mueller) Performed by: Jimm McIver - vocals, guitar / Jon Kanis - bass / Liv Mueller - vocals, guitar / Dan Smrz - drums


Grandma I like that dirty sauce you’re makin’
Smells like evaporated headcheese and bacon
Carolina ball stink your Mississippi mud flaps are shakin’
I said grandma I like that dirty sauce you’re makin’

Grandpa what’s your scary old long time bride been bakin’
There’s some juices in her drawers that got the whole neighborhood shakin’
There’s some ingredients you need but nobody will go downtown
You need mortuary paste and your face it always comes up brown

Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, grandpa
Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, grandpa
What’s grandma cookin’ tonight?

The family recipe, you know it all depends on you
So drop your dungarees and pinch us out a tiny poo
Put that fudge into the pot and serve up something hot and brown
Grab yourself a spoon and suck her sour juices down

Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa, grandpa
It stinks up the town
It’s so hot and brown
What’s she cookin’ now?
What’s grandma cookin’ tonight?