1. Wendigo

From the recording Dark Songs Vol. V

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4. Wendigo (Jamey Clark, Danielle French, Tomcat Joe) Performed by: Jamey Clark - spoken word / Danielle French - electrified acoustic guitar, vocals / Tomcat Joe - electric guitar, vocals / Zach Vogel - drums


When I was a small boy my great grandfather told us many stories
We would sit around the fire and listen to his wisdom
One night he told us a story of a man who became a beast
An abomination unto himself, a hideous reminder of what really lies inside a man’s soul and just how far he is willing to go to survive in this world

Great grandfather spoke of a man he was told about when he was a boy
A man left with a difficult choice
It was in the harsh winter of 1878 this man and his family were starving, his eldest son had died
He felt in order to survive he must feed so he butchered his wife and his other five remaining children

When a man decides to eat another man it is said that he becomes possessed by that man
He takes on a part of him
He becomes something else, no longer human
New hungers and desires begin to grow inside of him
Consumed by gluttony and excess he becomes a vile beast we’ve all come to know as Wendigo

Greed and hunger become his ways
A craving for human flesh that can never be satisfied
“His skin turns the ash grey of death, his eyes pushed back deep into their sockets
What lips it had now tattered and bloody, unclean from suppurations of the flesh
He gives off an eerie odor of decay and decomposition, and corruption”

The Wendigo still walks among us today
He can be seen in every man’s lust for power
His hunger and desire to consume everyone and everything around him
The beast dwells inside the man’s soul, distorting his purpose
We should all fear this creature and its power (Wendigo) for it has the ability to devour us all

Dance backwards around the drum, to ward off the spirit for it is hungry
And it is coming…