From the recording Love On Holiday Vol. 2

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I Will Never Take You For Granted (Elliot Goettelman, David Woods) Performed by: Elliot Goettelman - acoustic guitar, vocals / David Woods - acoustic guitar, vocals, bass / Nick Hoover - organ


It was you that opened my eyes
And made me realize
The things around me and all the things that I see
You reminded me to smile
And to walk that extra mile
For people who don’t have it quite as good as me

There were times when I fell behind
When small things slip my mind
But you were there to pull me back together
You never held me back
You kept me right on track
You kept me safe in all kinds of weather

I will never take you
I will never take you
I will never take you
I will never take you
Take you for granted

Life with you is so real
You know just how I feel
I feel like you will know me forever
You took me by the hand
And helped me make a stand
Every time I wanted to surrender

Chorus 2x

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