From the recording Love On Holiday, Vol. 1

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Been up all night, countin’ my tears
Been singin’ the blues but there’s no one to hear
Tryin’ to pick myself up, don’t know what to do
Been feelin’ so lonely, how ‘bout you?

When I come home to a house full of no one
An empty feeling washes over me
All this space with no one to share it
Bein’ lonely’s so hard, baby wouldn’t you agree?

Chorus: (x2)
It just makes sense that we console each other
Tonight I wanna be your lover
If we’re gonna to be lonely, let’s be lonely together

Here at the bar now for a couple of hours
I can see your sadness from across the room
I looked at you and I knew you were lonely
I came in alone, but I’ll be leavin’ with you

Chorus x2
Breakdown chorus

If we’re gonna be lonely, let’s be lonely together
If we’re gonna be lonely, let’s be lonely together

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