From the recording Love On Holiday, Vol. 1

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I love it when you talk behind my back
I love it when the car falls off the jack
The slow driver in the fast lane
Nothing beats a good ankle sprain

I love it when I trip and fall
Or when there’s no paper in the stall
I love it when I drop my glass
Or when my car runs out of gas

Good things are easy to love
But I can love the bad things too
I try so hard to love everything
But I’m still havin’ a hard time lovin’ you
I’m havin’ a hard time lovin’ you

I love it when I can’t sleep at night
I love being wrong when we fight
I love it when I must go straight to jail
I love it when all I get is junk mail

I love the line at the DMV
I love when everything is blamed on me
I love these things though cold and unforgiving
At least they let me know that I’m still living

(Chorus x2)