From the recording Love On Holiday, Vol. 1

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The winter nights in Charlevoix
Got a bit too cold for me
But I was told the lie
That I’d been brought up right
And I was taught that I should be free

But the nights on Lake Ontario
Took what was left of me
But I believed the lie
That I’d been brought up right
And I once believed that I could be free

But I disconnected my land line
And sold all o’ my shit to Todd Levine
But now I realize
That I was wrong to think that I wouldn’t need ya
To blow me back home tonight

I was listening to the moon tonight
And she explained to me
That you weren’t told a lie
And that you’d been brought up right
And you would always long to be free

So maybe motor on to Montreal
And forget that you knew me
Cuz I’ve heard all yer lies
And I am not surprised
To find that you’d come crawlin’ back to me

So run yer rig up on the shore
And wait for a message in a bottle
Like you done before
And send up all o’ yer flares
And you can mention my name
When you say your prayers
But I won’t hear ya
And I won’t blow ya back home tonight

But you got to know if I return
The sky’ll grow dark
And the rain’s gonna burn ya
So butter up yer spar tonight
Cuz I might make a mess of yer sheets
Cuz I might wanna bite ya
Cuz I guess I need ya
I guess I’ll blow you back home tonight

Let’s break another bottle
On the bow tonight
And set the headin’ for home
With the sheets pulled tight
Be sure to pull the anchor out
And be sure to let me know
When yer comin’ about
Because you know I need ya
And I know you’d blow me
Back home tonight