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Killing Boredom

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written by - Billy Triplett, Steve Smith


I’ll split you in two from your fun pack to your eyeballs
In case you haven’t noticed, yes I am a frickin’ psycho
Now shut you’re friggin’ mouth bitch, and give a brother a hand
Grab this loop right here and put it around your neck
Now don’t cry little darling this’ll only hurt a bit
Less you keep kickin’ and screamin’ like that we’ll make a day of this
I’m so happy that you’re here right now I’ve been dreaming of this for years
Finally comes the day when I get to bathe in your blood and tears
Maybe I’ll start with your face how ‘bout a couple more holes in your ears
Or how ‘bout a little liposuction well I don’t really have the machine
But I got these sharp knives…

Kickin’ and screamin’ won’t help you now it’s way too late for that
No one’s every gonna hear you and no one knows where you’re at
No use gettin’ all pissed about it, it’s only gonna make you cry
Enjoy these last few hours woo hoo! You’re gonna die

You’re everything I ever wanted everything I ever dreamed of
Cuz every part of you is a part I always wanted a piece of
I’m savoring every moment of this every last little bit
I can tell by the look in your eyes you’re kinda into this shit
Aren’t ya

Cutting off your fingers cutting off your toes
So I’ll have a little piece of you with me everywhere I go
Maybe I’ll shave your face off and frame it on the wall
Cuz that’s actually the part of you I love most of all
I love your smile
You have a great smile