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The Beast In The Basement

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written by - Brittany Dauenbaugh, Billy Triplett


When I was a little kid
I remember I was scared of the basement
And my mom would always tell me to go down there and do laundry or something
And when I went down there
It would always smell moldy and I always thought I seen this dark figure
In the back
And it only have one light
And sometimes it went out
So I’d have to do the laundry in the dark
And there were times when I would hear growling sounds
And whenever I felt a cold breeze
I knew it was there right beside me

One time I woke up
In my bed
I was in a cold sweat
And here was a moment where I saw its face
Its skin looked like it was melted
There was blood that streamed down its face
One ear seemed to be bitten off
Like it was in a fight
And the sides were all ragged
And tufts of fur were missing
And part of its tail was missing as well
It was huge
Like, I can only say it was bigger than a German shepherd
And it had sharp teeth
And I remember as it stared into my eyes
A drop of blood went onto my skin and absorbed itself into me
And I felt cold
And then it would be gone

There were times when I would have dreams about it
And in every dream, I would see it
Even if it was a happy dream
In the back of my head, I could sense it was there
Always telling me that, “I’m not ever leaving you
I’m always gonna be here”
And over the years I would see it
In the back
Of my eyes

I still see it today