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The Santa You Know

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written by - Mike Bleck, Vee Sonnets


Hey kids, Santa Claus is coming to town
You know good ol’ Saint Nick won’t let you down
He’s creepin’ down the chimney with a big bag of toys
To poison the souls of all the good girls and boys
He’s got a long list of who’s naughty and nice
And if you think that you’re safe then you’d better think twice
Smudges from coal and his black leather boots
And the smoke from his pipe has stained his red suits
As he puts his finger a side of his nose
He smirks as he sees all the piles of snow
He rules the darkness as he flies through the night
His demon elves stay just out of sight
Back at his workshop under the mistletoe thorns
His minions sharpen up his reindeer horns
He strokes his pointy beard and his mustache curls
As the slay bells toll for all the children of the world