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The Flying Ants

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written by - Lumberjack Cash, Landon Capelle, Troy Therrien, Adrienne Hatkin


I awoke in a storm drain
No memories of who I was or how I got there
There was a smell of burning plastics and foul chemicals in the air
My clothes were tattered and torn while my skin felt mildly burned
I rose to ravage landscape in the harshly scorched earth

I walked forward, not knowing which way to or why to even choose a direction
There was no one around, only empty cars and department stores, so I began a collection
Miscellaneous items were strewn all about
So I gathered them quickly when I saw this black cloud

The cloud was different from any I had ever seen
And it generated strange noise as if it were made out of wings
I swatted the back of my neck as I felt a sharp sting
When I looked at my hand, there was a dead flying thing

Where was everybody?
What was this cloud?
Why am I here, and what is this place I have found?

The noise grew louder as the flying black mass began swarming in the wind
A hot breeze of strange new sensations
Was this the beginning or the end?
There was movement up ahead, could this be other life?
Then it disappeared in the shadows and out of sight

I gathered my possessions and ran with an unforeseen speed
Wondering if they had food, shelter, water, or weed
The next thing I know, I was sprung up in a net
Felt like rocketing to the heavens at the speed of a jet
Hanging upside down, my brain felt a sharp pain
My memory was returning and an intense fear was regained

I was quickly cut down and surrounded by masked figures
They asked, “Are you alright, my friend? Are you hurt? Are you injured?”
They said they haven’t seen anybody in days, we thought no one was left except for animals, reptiles, and some nasty insects
Over the next few minutes they told me what went wrong
How a particle collider smashed atoms to create new matter that was shocking and odd
It created a portal to the underworld where the insect demons spawn
And before you knew, most of our world was gone

They told me what the cloud was
It was made of flying ants
They poison you when they bite you and they have venom in their glands
If you get bit once or twice you will be okay
But if you get bit by the swarm, this will be your last day

The ants are bounty hunters for a slave line in hell
They eat your bones and your eyes and your soul as well
Once your soul is taken you become a drone in the mine
Of never ending torture, hard work, and grime
I watched bodies turn to dust when the black swarm came in
Swallowing families whole, that’s when the earth went dimmed

Now we are the last of the humans and we will stand and fight
An army of one hundred with cunning ferocious might
We don’t have the best weapons, we’ll make due with what we got
They are only insects, they can die with a single swat

When the clock strikes midnight, we make our final stand
To wipe out this swarmy blanket and reclaim our precious land
This might be my last message so hear us loud and clear
With the strength in our hearts, we will fight without fear
Victory will come with will and persistence
Out of Lumberjack Cash, leader of the resistance
Viva la resistance!
The wall is belied!