1. Everybody Dies
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Everybody Dies

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written by - Charlie Cheney, Andrea Wittgens


Everybody dies, everybody dies
Everybody dies, everybody dies

Listen everybody to the words I say
I know your heart still beats
I hope it stays that way
But there’s a bell that’s ringing
There’s a wind-blown chime and
There’s a ghoulie singing out in broken time

Everybody dies, everybody dies
Still it seems to catch some people by surprise
Everybody dies, everybody dies
Now is probably not the time to close your eyes

Lightning strikes, spider bites
Attacks by wolves
Extremely heavy objects
Sliding off your shelves
Stabs, electrocution, strangulation gloves
Pillow suffocation
From the one you love


Looking back and forth two times before you cross
Won’t save you from the metaphoric cross-town bus
Even with protection when you’re in the woods
A chunky clown might still jump out and get you good