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Kiddie KocKtail

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written by - Andrea Wittgens, Adrienne Hatkin, Mike Bleck, Jamey Clark


Been playing by myself all morning mama just got up
In that stinky bathrobe poured her breakfast in a cup
She don’t want to play with me she’s heading for her chair
She walked right through my Lego house and kicked my teddy bear

Mommy’s in a mood again. Is she made at me?

Puts out another cigarette and shouts and the tv
I know, I know, I know what… I’ll fix her a surprise
Refill her empty coffee cup and set it by her side

If I were only big, I could reach up high
But I’m only little so I’ll have to improvise

Underneath the sink, bottles blue and pink
Everything I need for mama’s special drink

I put it on the table and gave her sleeve a tug
To show her I can make her the stuff she really loves
But ‘All My Children’s’ on right now so all she said was “MOVE!”

Mommy did a real good job she finished every drop
I think she tried to hug me but she spun round like a top
Mommy’s got a funny smile her eyes are rolling back
Maybe she’ll feel better when she gets up from her nap