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Eric McFadden, pat mAcdonald


He looked so peaceful lying there in his coffin
I didn’t want to disturb him
So I left the gold teeth, and took his ring

Going down to Eville
Going to have a bit of fun
Going down to Eville
Bearing gifts for everyone
Those who fail to love me
Those who've done me wrong
A taste of their own medicine
From the barrel of my gun

Going down to Eville
I'm not getting there by car
Going down to Eville
No, it's really not that far
Whichever way you're going
Eville lies ahead
You can always find it
Just follow the trail of dead

Eville! Dead ahead!

Going down to Eville
Where the blackness always shines
Where everyone's in hiding
There's no need to draw the blinds
Whether just for pleasure
Or as punishment for your crimes
Death will always find you
It's just a matter of time

Death will always find you
It's just a matter of … time

I seldom steal from children
For they seldom have anything of value on their person

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