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You Got This Babe (Leilani Diaz, Andrea Wittgens, Jadacey Teska) Leilani Diaz - vocs / Andrea Wittgens - vocs, keytar / Jadacey Teska - vocs, guitar, bass / Matt Spatol - drums **Ramirez %


Sometimes I feel like I got nothing left in me.
No appetite for the fight. Just let me be. Sometimes I feel like I got no faith of my own.
I need someone to show me I’m not alone.

Oh, baby girl, there’s so much beauty I wish that you could see.
Every inch of you’s what makes you YOU and fits you perfectly.
Gotta take a minute, look within, yeah, yeah, cuz honestly:

You got it, babe. You got this, babe.

Who do you want me to be?
I say, YOU already got whatcha need.
(I’m sorry.) WHOO WHOO. No, no, no apologies.
Okay, yeah, right. I got it, babe. You got it, babe.

So what you’re saying is I don’t need to play this game.
That’s right. Let’s break these chains of shame. No fear. No blame.
Been shedding tears in the MIR.
Been wastin’ all my time.

Oh baby girl, you got a fire in you. Let it burn.
Gonna make mistakes. I don’t give a fuck. Water off a duck. Live and learn.
Sooner or later some
“Babe haters” gonna try to knock you down.
But you’re a goddess, babe. And you got this, babe.

WHOO. You gotta do what you feel.
WHOO. Now tell me what do you feel.
YOU got no, no need to appeal (to no one).
YEAH, you got it, babe.
You got this, babe.

WHOO. Do you wanna be free?
YOU already got what you need.
WHOO. No, no, no apologies (to no one). YEAH. We got it, babe. We got this, babe.