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  1. Sweet Baby Doll
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Sweet Baby Doll (McIver, Wittgens, Rae) Jimm McIver - guitar, voc / Andrea Wittgens - keyboard, voc / Morgan Rae - voc / Jerod Kaszynski - sax / Greg Roteik - bass / Matt Spatol - drums **Schaack +


I got ya yellow roses
Now we’re steady as she goes (uh huh)

It’s a topsy turvy feeling
With my sneakers on the ceiling (oh yeah)

Polyester freak out
Party’s in the street nowwwww

Ask me to the dance but
But I split my Sunday pants, man

Oh I gotta know
Yeah I gotta know
Am I your baby doll?
Sweet (!) baby doll.

I knew it when I seen ya
That I really really need ya (uh huh)

But you run me ragged
Got me sweating out my jacket. (oh yeah)

Body modulation

Put the puppet down now
Let the freaky clown out

Cuz I gotta know
Yeah I gotta know
Am I your baby doll?
Sweet (!) baby doll

I just gotta know
Am I your baby doll
Sweet baby doll.

All I wanna do
Is keep tripping out with you

It’s a strange, strange world

Am I your baby doll?


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