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Nothin’ Turns My Lock Like Your Key (Vargas, Wittgens, Kaszynski) Kate Vargas - guitar, voc / Andrea Wittgens - piano / Jerod Kaszynski - sax **Littman %


They say lovin’ is a precious thing
Doesn’t get goin’ ‘til wedding bells ring

But I don’t abide by the rules, never have
I like good lovin’ that don’t make me bad

So if you want to stay with me
I’ll be good to you but I got to be free

Don’t worry baby, it’s plain to see
That nothing turns my lock like your key

Not a big believer in monogamy
I go out with whoever I please

And if I’m drawn to his geometry
And his angles are right, well that’s proof enough for me

That we could have a little fun together
Twenty minutes tops, I ain’t talking ‘bout forever

Just know, even if it takes many men to satisfy my needs
Nothing turns my lock like your key

I don’t discriminate between Johnny and Sue
He, she, they, and you can come too

Yes, it takes many many many many men and women to satisfy my needs
But nothing turns my lock like your keys
I’m comin’ home to you, baby
Nothing turns my lock like your key
That’s right, hold on
Nothing turns my lock like your key

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