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Wish I Thought of That First (Hall, Spatol, Flaig) James Hall - voc, elec. guitar / Adam Flaig - slide guitar, rhythm guitar / Matt Spatol - bass, drums, keys, voc **Fulwiler %


When I look at all the things I done,
In the stark light of the sun
And I think about the hurt I caused,
And the friendships lost and won,
I gaze into the mirror,
And each memory gets clearer
Every promise every threat
I remember with regret,
Wish I thought of that first.
Wish I thought of that first
Cos when the pain gets at its worst
And I feel like I been cursed
I wish I thought of that first.

I walk alone with my choices known
And the shadows that they cast.
Tell myself I should turn around,
But I can’t outrun my past.
Never did what mama said
Took my own road here, instead,
Every good thing I just tossed,
But it came at such a cost –
Wish I thought of that first
I wish I thought of that first,
Every heartache set to verse
Every missed take well rehearsed,
Wish I thought of that first.

With peace, at the end,
There’s no way to pretend,
That a lover, god or friend
Could show me out.

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