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  1. November
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(Kate Vargas, Patrick Kelly, Loren Tee) Kate Vargas - acous. guitar, vocals / Loren Tee - keys, backing vocals / Patrick Kelly - bass, backing vocals / Andrea Wittgens - backing vocals / Carley Baer - backing vocals **Stephanie Trenchard "November"


On the corner by the church
I can hear the women curse
As they talk about the daffodils
In Miss Carolyn’s front yard

Down in the parking lot, out in the back
The men in their suits they are splitting a pack
And I know, come next Sunday
They’ll be saying Hail Marys for that

There was a time there was a time
There was a time that now I can hardly remember
All’s I know, it was early November
The time that I swore I would always come back to you

Girls chasing boys chasing boys chasing girls
The Stephenson twins pulling Annabelle’s curls
And Dad told me that means
That really they want something more

Falling in leaves, pushing and shoving
Mud on our sleeves, grass stains, and tights running
I ruined my outfit
And Mom wasn’t happy with that


And I know that I swore
But I can’t get there anymore
It just doesn’t feel the same


The time that I swore
I would always come back to you

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