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(Liv Mueller, Sarah Blick, Troy Therrien) Liv Mueller - vocals / Sarah Blick - vocals / Troy Therrien - bass / Andrea Wittgens - keytar, vocals / Dan O Stoffels - drumbeat **Carleyrae Weber "Untitled"


Sharper than a shark tooth hangin’ on a line
Call the operator but I haven’t got a dime
Walk up to a dude and I asked him the time
Yellow raincoat and he’s lookin’ so fine

Makin’ fast friends, easy come easy go
The hotter the flame, the shorter the flow
Getting caught up I’m strung out for the crows
In the shallowest affection on a face-down float

Lookin’ my best, got a shirt untucked
Need a change, my fortune cookie sucked
Don’t you know I got the rhythm and the rhyme
Breakin’ all the rules cuz I didn’t see the sign

Bring it! I got my rabbit’s foot x4

I shine like silver in a dark grey mirror
My twin is in the water when I’m hangin’ on the pier
You’re the only one who doesn’t steal my beer
Treat me like gold and you’re in the clear

Hotter than a pistol flames so high
You can grab the cash, get the boat, I’ll drive
Every man I meet starts speakin’ in jive
But I do what I do when I do a flyby

Lickin’ my lips now I’m gonna sing
Makin’ the time for a booty ring
You supply the ocean I’ll provide the motion
Causin’ a commotion cuz I got the nice lotion

Bring it! I got my rabbit’s foot x4

Bring it! I got my rabbit’s foot x4