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  1. The Grim Sleeper
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Grim Sleeper (Bruce Butkovich, Charles Boheme, Christa Ebert) Christa Ebert - loops, sounds, vocals / Charles Boheme - vocals, samples / Bruce Butkovich - bowed lap steel, drums, vocals


Thirty-three pictures have the police stumped.
A gem, a good neighbor, quick with a helping hand.
Why do they look dead?
All were young women who lived on the margins of society and some of them worked as prostitutes.
Boys will be boys.
Maybe you never really know a man.
An area known for its cheap motels, liquor stores, gambling parlors, auto salvage yards, and storefront churches.
Why do they look dead?
Boys will be boys.
The crimes were committed by a single person labeled the South Side Slayer.
Truly a piece of evil. Truly a piece of evil. Truly a piece of evil. Truly a piece of evil.

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