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(Walter Parks, Jimm McIver, Bruce Butkovich) Walter Parks - 6-string acoustic / Bruce Butkovich - drums / Jimm McIver - 12-string / Barrett Tasky - upright bass **Teresa Young photo

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This is what it looks like
When the fickle hand of time
Leads us through our innocence
And then it turns unkind

Nothing could affect us
We’d made a deal with Providence
We prayed that you’d protect us
From the elements

So how can I just leave you now
To die on solid land
Ain’t a matter of foundation
It’s a matter of the man

This will be my memory
The last I keep of you
Something that I loved so much
But I can’t hold on to

Try to keep living
Try to catch the light
Try to keep giving
You’ll be alright

He built you in Wisconsin
Back in 1922
As Grandad was so fond of sayin’
“No other state would do”

He had left the winter’s bite
On another continent
That he had to have his Northern Lights
Was no coincidence

I feel that I’ve betrayed you
In light of all he’d done
‘Cause I shall never pass you down
Like my father to his son

So I pray you catch a young man’s eye
And he paints you white again
I hope you know how hard I tried
Good luck to you old friend

Try to keep living
Try to catch the light
Try to keep giving
You’ll be alright

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