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  1. Dead Reckoning
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(Sugar Ransom, Adria Ramos, Jimm McIver) Adria Ramos - violin / Jimm McIver - acoustic guitar, bg vocals / Sugar Ransom - vocals, electric guitar **Ty Helbach photo, "Shipmate"

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Your manifest read idle wild by Mississippi way
Upbound from the Delta mouth
For ten and some odd days

None of us saw ya coming
But then all, all of a sudden
The behemoth of your begging heart was there then it was gone

You were smilin’
You seemed fine
None of us could see behind
Your oxidizing lies

Oh my love my love
Oh my love is gone away

The sextant measured Bellatrix by Betelgeuse’s way
40 tons of methadone and trending toward decay

The sickness you smuggled through
Doldrums and dismay
Dead reckoning and mystery
You left us in your wake