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  1. Tidalwave
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(Morgan Rae, Alex Wilson, Greg Roteik) Morgan Rae - vocals / Alex Wilson - guitar / Greg Roteik - guitar / Jamey Clark - drums / Wade Coisman - bass / Jerod Kaszynski - saxophone **Tawnie Perkovich collage

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Each and every time I dance, I am freed
The gift of flight, electricity
Leave behind the rules of man, they can’t touch me
Like gravity, caught in the breeze, in the breeze

All that I see is blur, I can’t find the lines
My balance tips to the side
I know I’m going blind, the sight leaves my eyes
This sickness is taking my mind, to make me wild

Cast away
Tidal wave
Lost for days and days

Wake up you’re taken from your home and your dreams
Your favorite doll got ripped at the seams
Can’t find a single word, I cant even breathe
It’s crippling, this goddamn disease

That’s eating me

Cast away
Tidal wave
Lost for days and days

Cast away
Tidal wave
Lost for days and days

Cast away by a tidal wave
Lost for days
And days and days

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