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(Carley Baer, Greg Roteik) Greg Roteik - elec. guitar, vocals / Carley Baer - vocals / Barrett Tasky - bass, vocals / Jamey Clark - drums


No kitchen musicals
Filling up the halls
Filling up my heart with glee
No whiskey in my mouf, like a boyd
No panther spray, no more days
No more doughnuts

No Sabbath hoodie on the floor
A different name on the door
Room 121 just ain’t the same no more

(Will you still be mine)
Vee is for Valentine

So where are you, my snorkel dorkel doo?
And do you miss us too?
We think about you every time we go to Poh’s
The fridge is full of beer and it doesn’t disappear
As quickly now that you’re not here

Now I fall asleep by 4
‘Cause I’m not listening to you snore
Room 121 just ain’t the same no more

We’ll have so much fun at the bridge
When the snow is gone and the leaves are green
CMFB knows what I mean
We’ll stay up all night
Under the stars by the firelight
With your left-handed axe by your side

So I’ll see you soon
It’s not all that long ‘til June
Won’t it be great
I can’t wait (I can’t wait)
To reunite with my panda roommate