1. Purr…
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(James Hall, Wade Coisman, David Woods) James Hall - electric and lead guitar, lead and bg vocals, handclaps / Matt Spatol - drums, tambourine, handclaps / David Woods - acoustic guitar / Wade Coisman - upright bass, backing vocals / Barrett Tasky - organ, handclaps **Eleanor Knippel, "Love Cats"

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You are my true love
You are my one and only
You just a rude girl
Feral and always horny
Our tails, they form, a heart

I saw those blue eyes
Out on that high fence
Flash me that fine fur
It gets so intense
That it’s tearing, me, apart

You are my main course
You look a hot mess
I like your pink tongue
You make me scratch and hiss
Wanna stay, in the street, ‘til dawn

High in the green grass
We take our sanctuary
Thank you and god bless
This is our territory
And it ain’t, what I need, it’s what I want
And it ain’t, what I need

Did you forget the way we used to play?
So late after sun down?
We got nine lives to keep us safe
From the dogs that run this town

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa, whoa

You are my sweet cream
Just like from back home
White rats and wet dreams
Tin cans and fish bones
Anything, that you want, I’m down

You keep your coat clean
You make my heart purr
Just like that snow queen
Whip smart in white fur
You’re the pride, of this side, of town
You’re the pride, of this side

Whooh oooh
Whooh oooh
Whooh oooh
Whooh oooh