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(Lily Taylor, Walter Parks, Robin Bienemann) Lily Taylor - vocals / Walter Parks - guitar and vocals / Robin Bienemann - guitar **Joe Kaftan mosaic, "The Lake"

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Are you aware
How less I could care
Your colors draw me to you
Though I feel it do you?

There aren’t any words
There’s more you deserve
There’s a force you cannot see
What your grey eyes do to me

Everything could change in a moment (x4)

Taking your hand
What does it matter
You wonder what to make of me
While I wonder where you’re taking me

Gravity holds objects together
But of all the laws of nature
Gravity’s strong, but love is greater


Here I am in all my intended finery
Steady hand tempered man I dare you to fire at me
Oh I loved you how I cared for you and only you
And then you left my heart in shards, in shiny pieces of colored parts
In the wake of what I once believed collecting hues and frequencies
Reflecting out beyond my dreams everything can change it seems… everything can change

Walter verse response:
Play the fool somehow
When she waltzes through the room
In her glassy colored hair
Everybody stares

Walter chorus response:
She finds the fool in the room
And she hangs him out to dry
And she buries him alive
My love it was lovely seeing through you
My heart is yours to break
You can burn me at the stake

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