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(Robin Bienemann, Julia McConahay, Greg Roteik) Robin Bienemann - guitars, vocals / Greg Roteik - bass, vocals / Julia McConahay - fiddle, vocals **Alex Sowinski painting, "The Last Dance"

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I been starin’ at you and I knew that we would meet eventually
You’re all dressed up and sittin’ here all alone
How ‘bout I pay for your drink and you pay a little attention to me
And at the end of the night, maybe you’ll invite me home

Well you can buy me a beer and I’m sure you really want to dance with me
You’re a fine lookin’ guy, and I’m sorry that you’re not my type
See that cute little gal over there? Well we’re from the same family
But we’re not sisters, that’s my wife

So you’re not sisters?
We’re not just friends
So you’re like a couple?
Yeah, a couple of lesbians

I’m on the road all week with temptation all around at every bar I play
And when I get home she treats me better than I deserve
We’re raisin’ three kids on a country singer’s salary
But I could never go straight I love the shape of her fine-ass curves

“Who were you just talking to? She was cute!”
“Yeah, she’s cute alright, but she said I’m not her type.”
“Man, they all say that.”
“Yeah, but see that other girl? That’s her wife.”

No they’re not sisters
They’re not just friends
Yeah they’re like a couple
A couple of lesbians

No we’re not sisters
We’re not just friends
Yeah we’re like a couple
A couple of lesbians

We both wear the pants and we both like to buy cute underwear
It’s nice to know that I always have a Valentine
When we get ready for church, she’s the one who always does my hair
That woman is a dream come true, dude, she’s so divine

No we’re not sisters (they’re not sisters)
We’re not just friends (they’re not just friends)
Yeah we’re like a couple (a couple)
A couple of lesbians

No they’re not sisters
They’re not just friends
They’re like a couple
A couple of lesbians (aha!)

Yeah we’re like a couple
A couple of lesbians!

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