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(Kim Manning, Wade Coisman, Bruce Butkovich) Performed by: Kim Manning - vocals / Wade Coisman - stand up bass, vocals / Bruce Butkovich - elec. guitar, keys, drum program, vocals / Jerod Kaszynski - sax, vocals / Matt Spatol - drums, clavinet, vocals / Barrett Tasky - trombone, vocals / additional vocals by Mike Bleck, Tarl Knight, Mike Wheeler, Rick Wood, Wade Coisman, Morgan Rae, Kyle Malacara, James Larson, Julia McConahay, Steve Smith


Carley called she got us a cab
Benny D’z slinging he’ll start us a tab
pat works the door he hooked up the pass
Put on your shiny one and bring out the sass

Fuck yeah Halloween
Fuck yeah Halloween
Raising hell it’s a party

The cauldrons flowing it’s a freak show
An Elvis sighting with Marilyn Monroe
Sexy kitty’s kissing a green Frankenstein
No tricks all treating makes for good times

Rattle them bones
You ain’t too old
Clear off them cobwebs
There’s ghouls to be fed

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