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(Geri X, James Hall, Mike Blue) Performed by: Geri X - vocals / James Hall - vocals, guitar / Mike Blue - electric guitar / Teve Mith - bass / pat mAcdonald - harp / melaniejane - tambo / Dan Smrz - drums / Barrett Tasky - organ


See the candy in the street
Kids are screamin’ trick or treat
Now they runnin’ door to door
I don’t like candy anymore
Tell me who killed Halloween

Sugar highs pixie sticks
Eat so much it makes you sick
Who you gon’ cry to now
No one hears anyhow
Tell me who killed Halloween
Was it you, was it me, aw Halloween

Shot gun blast flashing blues
Nothin’ to see here nothin’ to do
Hands are shaking scared as hell
You walk on up and ring that bell
Was it you, was it me, or some hand unseen
Who killed Halloween

Now you’re home lyin’ in bed
Toss and turn you dream in red
Tell me who killed Halloween

Tell me baby tell the truth
Tell me darlin’ what’d you do
Tell me who killed Halloween
It was you, it wasn’t me, aw Halloween

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